Monday, October 11, 2010

We got a new pet at home!

My kids has been asking for a dog in the last months, so in order to see how they're going to feel with a pet at home, we decide to build one, this little guy was built using the Lego Mindstorm set, which is a line of programmable robotics/construction toy that comes in a kit containing many non traditional pieces as well as sensors, cables and the main computer called the NXT brick, which is were you connect the sensors, store and run the programs.

So this little fella, goes around the house, avoiding much of the big obstacles (like walls), turns his head and using the ultrasound sensor (eyes) can see where there's more room to go; using the sound sensor (nose) , it can try to follow you if you call him; one good thing about him, it won't bark and won't do any mess, unless you program it :D

I remember using some of the first Lego Dacta sets back in 1998, when I was working for Futurekids in El Salvador, a company focused on the teaching of computers to young kids, and robotics was one of the areas, at that time we use a controll module that was connected to the wall and the sensors were connected to this module, those were pretty much static designs, but fun to watch.

The design, building steps and programs for the Robo-Puppy can be found here: NXT Programs

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